Jun 18, 2008

Basic Mountaineering Course - Batch 4


To all,

Here are the guidelines that we will follow during this training course.

BMC 4 is only open to those who will meet either criteria:
1. ADI employee
2. Non-ADI employee but actively participating in ADTREK activities

ADTREK Membership will only be attained after completing the following:
1. BMC training
2. One minor climb
3. Two major climbs
4. Induction climb

After the BMC (classroom training), an MFPI BMC certificate of completion will be given. Only those who will complete the climbs will be given an induction certificate, be allowed to have an ADTREK t-shirt (if he/she wants to), and become an ADTREK member.

The ADTREK Batch 4 design will come from a logo making contest. The winner will have a free t-shirt. So those who have talent, please submit your design.

Here is the schedule of the entire training course:
Activity Date - Venue
BMC Day 1 - 21 Jun ADGT, SRC
BMC Day 2 - 28 Jun ADGT, SRC
Minor 1 - Mt. Pico de Loro
Major 1 - Mt. Makiling Traverse
Major 2 - Mt. Cristobal Traverse
Induction Climb - Mt. Amuyao Traverse ( 3-day climb)

Thanks and regards,
ADTREK Officers