Jun 23, 2008

ADTrek goes to Mt. Apo for a Clean-up Climb

Throughout the years, it's so frustrating to see how some mountaineers have been irresponsible. You would expect by now that individuals would be more sensitive to environmental issues and become more nature friendly as they grow older, but there comes a time when immaturity still kick-in. We only hope that in one way or another, this kind of mentality changes within every hiker, mountaineer or adventurer who climbs not only Mt. Apo, but any other mountain there is. Our hope is that all Mountaineering Groups will become more responsible in orienting their members and guests with proper garbage disposal and environmental awareness.

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In line with this undertaking, the ADTrek Mountaineering Group organized a Clean-up Climb at Mt. Apo - "The Grandfather of Mountains". Last June 8-10, 2008, an 8-member team (J. Averin, R. Legeza, A. Mabaet, M. Manalo, A. Vecinal, A.Sapdoy, J. Toledo, J. Defeo) with loaded backpacks, enough food to sustain the 3-day and 2-night trek, and accompanied by 4 local porters, headed to the Kidapawan Trail. Heavy downpour was experienced a few weeks before the climb but the expectation of a muddy and slippery trail did not become an obstacle for the group to aim on reaching the top. Maybe because the team has a good purpose, the weather cooperated and the climb only encountered afternoon mists and morning dews to provide a more comfortable climb. The weather provided the chance to do stargazing in the evening sky and sunbathing in the cloud-filled sunny day.

Below are some of the pictures taken during the clean-up climb. We hope that this will be an eye opener to future climbers as well.

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Jun 18, 2008

Basic Mountaineering Course - Batch 4


To all,

Here are the guidelines that we will follow during this training course.

BMC 4 is only open to those who will meet either criteria:
1. ADI employee
2. Non-ADI employee but actively participating in ADTREK activities

ADTREK Membership will only be attained after completing the following:
1. BMC training
2. One minor climb
3. Two major climbs
4. Induction climb

After the BMC (classroom training), an MFPI BMC certificate of completion will be given. Only those who will complete the climbs will be given an induction certificate, be allowed to have an ADTREK t-shirt (if he/she wants to), and become an ADTREK member.

The ADTREK Batch 4 design will come from a logo making contest. The winner will have a free t-shirt. So those who have talent, please submit your design.

Here is the schedule of the entire training course:
Activity Date - Venue
BMC Day 1 - 21 Jun ADGT, SRC
BMC Day 2 - 28 Jun ADGT, SRC
Minor 1 - Mt. Pico de Loro
Major 1 - Mt. Makiling Traverse
Major 2 - Mt. Cristobal Traverse
Induction Climb - Mt. Amuyao Traverse ( 3-day climb)

Thanks and regards,
ADTREK Officers