Aug 25, 2006

Mt. Mansfield

Mount Mansfield is the highest mountain in the U.S. State of Vermont. The peak elevation, in the town of Underhill, is 4,393 ft. (1339 m) above mean sea level. The mountain has the appearance of a human face when viewed from the east with distinct forehead, nose, lips, chin (the highest point) and an Adam's apple.


Jul 24, 2006

Coming Soon: Spiderman 3

di kaya ma in-secure si Peter Parker neto ??!?!?!?!

Jul 11, 2006

Adtreker in Canada

Shy lang po siya kaya ayaw humarap sa camera pero isa po siya sa haligi ng ADtrek kaya naman po masaya kami sa kanyang nararating ngayon. Actually siya pala yung nagbigay ng pangalang ADtrek sa grupo, kaya malupet ito! Likod lang nyan heartthrob na heartthrob ang dating. Check his photos, click here.

Gros Morne National Park of Canada was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. The park is an area of great natural beauty with a rich variety of scenery, widlife, and recreational activities. Visitors can hike through wild, uninhabited mountains and camp by the sea. Boat tours bring visitors under the towering cliffs of a freshwater fjord carved out by glaciers. Waterfalls, marine inlets, sea stacks, sandy beaches, and colourful nearby fishing villages complete the phenomenal natural and cultural surroundings of Gros Morne National Park of Canada.

Jun 29, 2006

Jun 9, 2006

Adtrekkers Underwater

hulaan ninyo kung sino sila?
mga nagdadasal na wag makagat at malapa ng barracuda sa coron...

Feb 23, 2006

Basic Mountaineering Course 3

To all interested participants, kindly register at the ADGT Clinic (look for the Nurse on duty)
Last day of Registration is on Feb. 27, 2006.

All participants are required to attend the Orientation at the ADGT Sports & Recreation Center.
No orientation, No BMC.

Orientation Dates:
1, Feb. 28, 2006 (17:00)
2, Mar. 02, 2006 (17:00)